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John Milanoski - Grandpa Joe and Grandson Ethan - last picture

This is the last photo I have of my Grandfather and Grandson together [ four generations ]!

I do miss my grandfather very much. Such a Great man in so many ways. Involved in world changing events, He left a manuscript that will be a movie one day. His office was above General MacArthur during the War. He was very detailed about his involvement in Japan and is very well known in Japan for returning the 100’s of Diary and sash to the surviving Japanese Family members. He wrote of his friendship with Jiro Shirasu. He wrote over 9 volumes in total, up until his eyesight was too poor to continue and my cousins and I did our best to help him complete this. He was 93 when he passed on March 26th 2011.

I will forever hold his memory in every cell of my being!

~Always in Loving memory,
John Milanoski


Written by John Milanoski

July 11, 2011 at 8:45 am

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